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  • “Activities available” leaflets have been distributed to twelve local (Poole) Estate Agents.   These will be displayed, given to prospective residents, copied or scanned for future use. All approached were grateful and enthusiastic about the impact these may have on their clients.   They were also informed when this site went live, for the benefit of their customers/clients.
  • If you wish to promote an event, please send the relevant information to the ARCH Secretary at     Please note that ARCH can only accept events which are non-commercial and specific to Canford Heath residents.   Any new services offered need to be of direct benefit to residents.

Thursday, February 4th., 2021.

NOTE: A weekly update on a Council topic is available live at 1 pm. every Wednesday on the BCP Council Facebook page.  (And can be seen as saved subsequently.)

Tuesday, February 2nd., 2021.

Introducing Beryl e-Scooters for hire !  Starting on Monday, January 25th. 2021, Beryl e-Scooters were available for hire to be used in Bournemouth and Poole.   The hire principle is similar to that already successfully in operation for Beryl Bikes.   This is a controlled Trial as part of research for the Department for Transport (DfT).   In due course, if thought successful, it may be extended into Christchurch.   These ARE legal to use in most places, except on public pavements.  (NOTE: privately-owned versions remain illegal on public roads !)   UPDATE FEB. 13. 2021.  Now being parked with Beryl Bikes.


November 2nd. 2020.   UPDATE Feb. 26 2021.  This is still available !

BCP “Together We Can !” Help-Line available again.                                       Remember it is :- 0300    1237052   If you need help, it is there for you 9 am. to 5 pm. Monday to Friday.   Don’t hesitate if you have a problem !  

Thursday, November 12, 2020.                 

BCP Council and Dorset County Council have produced the following plan for “Transforming Travel” !   Your opinions are valued concerning the proposed five new links.   The plan will be out for public consultation in due course.


NEW CYCLING and WALKING ROUTES !  The Council has produced a map of the 78 Km. of new routes, planned to make leisurely connections possible.  Please check the map below.

Thursday, October 15th., 2020.

REPLACING and RE-SPACING TIMBER GROYNES near the three Chines !  Starting on Monday, October 26th., the Council will, by Spring 2022, have replaced the eight timber groynes on the beach south of Alum, Middle and Durley Chines.   The intention is to replace the five current ones in the western half of this beach with just four, but more evenly spaced.  This work is meant to be completed by Spring 2021.   (Update March 18th. 2021.)  The first Phase of this work has been completed and that part of the beach re-opened for use.  Now, in place of the remaining current three, four new ones, regularly spaced, will be constructed in their place.   The whole task should be completed by Spring 2022.   While construction work is being done, there will be restricted access to that section of the beach.   There will continue to be free movement along the Promenade !


Monday, September 14th. 2020.

How to do CPR during the Covid-19 epidemic ?    Malcolm Simpson has been cleaning the Canford Heath defibrillators during lockdown so that they are safe to use: thanks to him !    In the event of someone having a cardiac arrest at this time, it is not mutually safe to attempt mouth-to-mouth resuscitation: however chest compressions are OK.  For further free guidance please contact

Tuesday, September 1st. 2020.

Community Baby Bank !   This is based at the Community Centre, off Adastral Square.   Open from 10 am. – 4 pm.   By Facebook appointment only.   Please check the poster below for details.   Please also check the update of 30/10/20 below !

Baby Bank launch Oct. 2020

Monday, June 29th. 2020.

New ARCH branding !   The ARCH Committee members have been working hard on our behalf during the (so far) 14 weeks of lockdown.  A new logo (designed by Nigel Leahy) has been produced (see below).   A new web-site is being prepared.   A new three-year plan is also being developed.   The “History” section of this site has been updated too.   The new logo reflects the positive and vibrant progress made by ARCH in the past five years while still showing the basic “arch” to unite the parts of the district.    Update September 28th.  The new site went live today via

Monday, May 18th. 2020.

NEW:   “Prayer Line”.   If you feel you need to have a chat and pray quietly with someone else, please check out the poster below for details.    The intention is not to convert you !  Please give it a try.

ARCH Prayer Line A4 poster - final

Monday, March 30th. 2020.

COVID Support from NHS

Please use the following site for up-to-date information and advice.  It is NHS.UK/coronavirus.    There is also a check-up text service which will contact you daily if you have given details of your symptoms and your mobile number when you dialled 111.

Sunday, March 29th. 2020.   Updated March 31.  Needed again Nov. 05 !!

BCP  “Together we can !” Help-line !     As a result of the success of the appeal (March 20th. below) for volunteers, from today, if you are in need of help yourself or know anyone  who is, there is a help-line manned from 8 am. to 8 pm. daily.   A volunteer can help you practically, or simply be there for a chat.

Update March 31.   CITIZENS’ ADVICE.  There is a BCP Helpline number which is 03444 1114444.   It is manned from 10 am. to 4 pm. daily.   The Citizens’ Advice Bureau can help with advice on Benefits, Housing, Consumer Rights, Employment, Debt and Money problems, Family Relationships and Immigration.   A Form is available using the following:- 

Friday, March 20th., 2020.

“BERYL BIKES” have been a big success !     Over 80,000 Kms. cycled in their first three months last year !   More bikes were made available in 2020.   Check them out for use in your “socially distant” exercise !   (See original item March 14th. 2019.)  Update March 31. 2020.  These are now FREE for NHS staff !


Monday, January 13th. 2020.

“Just Pop-In !”   This helpful, friendly advice service, which is provided by  the Baptist Church, has moved from the Community Centre to the new Figbury Lodge, but most of what they provide stays the same as they have been doing for the last two years !   Their next Pop-In could be when  restrictions have been lifted.    Please check the poster below for more details.

DATELINE: March 14th. 2019.      Updated June 7th. 2019.   STARTED ON THAT DAY !   Since expanded into Christchurch in 2020.

“BERYL” BIKE SHARE !  Poole Council and Bournemouth Council have combined to complete a five-year contract with “Beryl Bikes” to establish a Bike Share system in their areas.   These emerald green bikes are based in “Beryl Bays” and accessible via smart phones in terms of their location and methods of payment and adjustment.   They were introduced on June 7th. to be used “in spring and summer” and initially 5o were sited at rail and bus stations, town centre and shopping areas, and tourist attractions.   During the summer this increased to 1000 bikes !    Each bike has 3-speed gears, a step-through design, and adjustable seats and handlebars to fit a range of potential riders with height 4’11” to 6’5″.   The smart phone app is a download from the Apple store for iPhone.   To facilitate availability, experienced operators  track the use of the bikes and balance accordingly.   A spread of this service into Christchurch has been done.    This is the Beryl Bay near Asda at Canford Heath.   The wind causes some havoc on this exposed site !


 Dateline: June 17th. 2018.

Why not JOIN your CANFORTH HEATH COMMUNITY CENTRE  ?    There are many activities staged at the Community Centre near the Library at Adastral Square.   As a member you also have the use of various facilities and cheaper entry to entertainment gigs, etc.   Please check out the poster and the site Calendar.

ARCH Come and join your community centre

Please note: the entries which follow are all historic and informative about projects of ARCH and some of its members and organisations.

Dateline: March 11th. 2017

  • To improve the visibility and use of public, stand-alone notice-boards, when sufficient funds are available, ARCH intends to obtain larger, more prominent boards and move one (outside Martin’s) to a more visible site. (Images)  
  • Update June 13th.   Progress is being made on seeking sources of funding for the new boards.
  • Update November 1st.   Funding is now available and suitable designs are being considered, especially for a single-sided board outside Asda.       Update January 10th. 2018.   Members’ Meeting considered latest information.  Decision taken to purchase one of the two boards, i.e. that to be installed outside Asda.  It will be of low maintenance material, open and therefore weather-resistant.   Approx. cost £1500.   Council to instal.   Funding now available.  Plans to have a very public opening to attract attention.                                                                                           
  • Update February 24th. 2018.   New board was installed by the Council Feb. 21st.   Grand Unveiling was announced by the TOWN CRIER, Mr. David Squire,  and performed by Councillor Sandra Moore at 11.00 am. today.    This open board has spaces for 18 x A4 posters or notices.   We hope it will attract attention and be another communication medium for Canford Heath residents and visitors !   We also still intend to replace the double-sided board currently in Adastral Square, when sufficient funds are available.   A bid has been made for a C.I.L. grant to cover this.
  • Digging the holes.

    New board assembled.

    New board in position Feb. 21 2018.
    ARCH N/B ready for unveiling !

    Town Crier David Squire rousing the crowd !

    Councillor Sandra Moore cutting the ribbon !

New N/B as seen from Asda.

New N/B as seen from Martins.

Adastral Square n-board’s useful reverse side.

Dateline: (April 26th. 2017)   Updated June 20th. 2018.

THE CANFORD HEATH HUB is an organisation created by Nigel and Val Ford (the Ministers at Canford Heath Baptist Church).   It forms an umbrella including their own Church, plus St. Paul’s Anglican Church, and the Beacon Church.   Its purpose is “to help those in need on Canford Heath”.   The Hub is operating from the Library on Mondays, and the launch was on October 16th. 2017 as a “Drop-In Centre”.   They are offering a foodbank (by referral) and a free debt-counselling service each week, from 2 – 4 pm.    Donations of dry and tinned food may be made to The Hub from 1 – 4 pm. on Mondays.   They need voluntary help !     Further details and information from 07939 059429 or via the

ARCH The Hub Poster June 2018

Dateline: May 24th. 2017

“Local friendly informal support group” (LFISG).   This has been formed with a view to “creating and maintaining better mental health”.   One part of this informal therapy is to go for walks.   The current group is enthusiastic but not very large.   If interested, please contact David Swift by e-mail:

 Dateline: Friday, September 8th. 2017

UNIVERSITY of the THIRD AGE (U3A)  This organisation is very active in the Poole area for people who are no longer paid to work.   If you are interested, they have an office in the Community Centre, open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10 am – 12 noon, or phone 01202 678113.  

Dateline: Monday, September 11th. 2017  Updated Dec. 21st. 2018.

The Citrus Singers started a Canford Heath Community Choir in the Library on Monday, October 16th. 2017.    They work from 6.15 – 7.45 pm.   They welcome anyone age 16+ and of any ability.   It is a well-constructed and stimulating session.   More singers are welcome, especially gents, every Monday !   If interested, please contact Tim Dowland on 07889 314288 or e-mail   £25 per month.   See original poster below.    We performed at the BIG COMMUNITY SING at St. Paul’s Church on Sept. 16th., receiving a standing ovation !   And we sang in Wimborne Minster on the evening of Dec. 20th. to help raise funds for  “Diverse Abilities” !     2020 Covid-19 problem.  Please check the Calendar for any re-start.

ARCH citrus singers Poster

Dateline: Tuesday, September 12th. 2017


Free, two-hour sessions about how to give first aid to babies in various situations are being presented by Med-Star Paediatric every Monday morning from 9.30 – 11.30 am in the “Community Space” at Tesco’s, Tower Park.   All are welcome – and babies too !    However please phone 07810 116673 to book a place.   Details may be found on their site at

Dateline: November 17th. 2017.

LIVABILITY – UCAN.    If you are aged 25 or more and live in Poole or the Purbecks, the Livebility-Ucan Project is available to assist you in your life-planning.   Please check the file attached for further information about what is available.

ARCH Livability UCan flyer

Dateline: January 9th. 2018.  Updated August 6th. 2018.

“MELODIES IN MOTION”  These are musical exercise sessions held weekly at the Community Centre from 10 – 11 am. and from 11.15 am. to 12.15 pm.   They are aimed mainly at the over-50s !    Fee per session £5.50.   For further details contact Sue on 01202 282315 or 01202 469894 or from      UpdateThe first session has been very popular  and so Sue is starting a regular, second “gentler” session from 11.15 – 12.15 on Mondays, starting in August 2018.      If interested, please contact Sue.   She also needs to know if you wish to continue with the classes through the summer ?              (Images from a gentler, taster session on Thursday, Jan. 11th. 2018 in the Library !)

Sue’s intro Jan.11 Some chair-based ! Sue – demo !

Dateline: January 12th. 2018.

CARERS’ SUPPORT GROUP.    Group meets in the Library from 2.30 – 4.00 pm. on the last Weds. of every month.   If you want a break and a chat over a cup of tea and a cake with other people in a similar situation, you will be very welcome.                                                                       

Dateline: Monday, January 22nd. 2018

CANFORD HEATH ART SOCIETY   (“CHAS”)  We have twice-monthly meetings, on the first and fourth Thursdays.   We meet at the Library between 7 – 9 pm.   We charge £1.50 per session to cover the cost of these bookings.   We have kept the annual membership fee at £30.   For more information about this small, very friendly, mixed-ability group, either e-mail or phone her on 01202 382643.

Dateline: Thursday, February 8th. 2018.

“LIVEWELL DORSET”.  This organisation, partnered with Dorset Community Action, has as its purpose “Helping you to live healthier”.   It can help you to change your lifestyle in ways like diet, activity, weight management, drinking less, and stopping smoking.   If any of these things concern you, take the first step by making contact with them via or their comprehensive web-site, or by phone to 0800 8401628 or 01305 233105 during office hours (9 am – 6.30 pm Mon – Fri.)

Dateline: Saturday, April 28th. 2018.

LIMELIGHTS YOUTH CENTRE.    This valuable resource is promoting its sessions and also asking for volunteers.   Please respond to either of the posters shown below.