Aims, Privacy Notice and Committee

Aims of ARCH and Privacy Notice.

These are to:-

  1. Improve the quality of life and well-being of the residents of Canford Heath through creating a sense of community, and seeking opportunities to improve their well-being.
  2. Improve the quality of the local environment and open spaces of Canford Heath.
  3. Be open to partnership, working to achieve 1. and 2.
  4. Give the residents of Canford Heath a voice, encouraging residents to act on issues which affect them and their community.
  5. Be responsible for distributing the available reserved funds to appropriate community groups and causes.
  6. Encourage partnership working and communication between community groups, stakeholders and residents throughout Canford Heath.
  7. Enable community groups and organisations to promote and publicise events but strictly on a non-commercial basis and specific to Canford Heath residents.                                                                                         PRIVACY NOTICE.   (Statement in view of the General Data Protection Regulation in force from May 25 2018.)   Please note that the only details we hold and publish are those made public by advertisers and promoters of events on this site, i.e. their names and contact details.    When we contact members we use blind copy e-mails.    Although ARCH has a Constitution, there is no data-base of members.     No personal details would ever be given to third parties.

Committee of ARCH

  1. Chairperson:             Sasha Morgan  (re-elected at AGM October 9th. 2019.)
  2. Vice-chairperson:  Vacant.
  3. Secretary:                   Jackie Lowe.      (Elected at AGM on October 9th. 2019.)
  4. Treasurer:                  Bernard Corby.    (Co-opted @ ARCH Meeting Jan. 15, 2020.)
  5. “Fest” Treasurer:   Vickie Campbell.   (Elected at AGM on October 9th. 2019.)
  6. Fundraising Officer/Event Organiser:   Julie Caines. (re-elected at AGM October 9th. 2019.)
  7. P.R. Officer:                Hannah Porter.    (Elected October 9th. 2019.)

 Thanks to Frances Wheatley and David Darling for their great and various services to ARCH in its infancy and early years.   (17/10/18)